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Air Conditioning Maintenance


Keep your HVAC system in optimal condition and prevent costly repairs with our Annual AC Maintenance Plan. By signing up for our maintenance program from Sun Air Services, you can rest easy knowing that your system is inspected, cleaned, tuned up, and repaired by experienced and certified technicians.

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Proper maintenance of your system by our NATE-certified air conditioning technicians ensures that your HVAC system is performing optimally and efficiently. Keeping your system clean and maintained helps reduces the amount of energy it takes to keep your home or business cool, which lowers your power bill and can prevent costly ac repairs.

Sun Air Services Annual AC Maintenance Plan

So what exactly comes with our maintenance program? All members receive:

  • Two Visits Every Year
  • 24-Point Complete A/C Inspection
  • Unit Cleaning
  • Priority Service For Repairs
  • 10% Off All Repairs During Membership
  • $100 Credit For Every Year You Are A Plan Member

Benefits Of Having An Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

We are your complete HVAC service company. Sun Air Services offers a variety of air conditioning services for both residential and commercial customers.

Having your system inspected and cleaned twice a year provides many short and long-term benefits. Some of the most common benefits that result from routine air conditioning maintenance include:

  • Lowering Your Energy Costs – A clean and properly functioning A/C system cools your home or business more efficiently and uses less energy, resulting in significant cost savings. Keeping your system properly maintained also means less repairs, which saves you even more money!
  • Extending The Lifespan Of Your A/C System – Keeping your system well maintained is a great way to extend the life of your unit. Stopping the spread of issues throughout your AC unit is the key to keeping it running for years to come.
  • Preventing Costly Repairs – With regularly scheduled maintenance, A/C problems are much more likely to be caught early or not happen at all. When problems with your AC system are caught early, the amount of potential damage they cause is drastically reduced.
  • Cooler & More Comfortable Home – A well-maintained air conditioner performs better and more efficiently. This means that your A/C unit can cool down your home and keep it cool with less work, saving energy and money.

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