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5 Signs There’s Something Wrong With Your Heater

tampa heater repair

While living in Florida typically means you have the luxury of rarely needing to turn on your home heating system, you still need it. Winter days can send temperatures down below 40, which can make nights uncomfortable if you’re not prepared.

It’s important to make sure that your heating system is in good shape now when the weather is still decent than later when you need it most. That being said, here are a few signs your home heating system needs a repair.

    1. Your utility bills are skyrocketing. While it’s true that your heating system usually makes up 42% of your overall utility bill, your bill shouldn’t be skyrocketing. Consider how much electricity you’re using and whether you’re cranking up your heat. If you’re using a minimum amount of both, your heater could be overworking itself.
    2. Your heater is running more than usual. If your heater is always on, that’s a bad sign. The increase run time could mean there’s a problem with your system’s efficiency. Usually, this problem can be resolved with a little cleaning and professional service. But other potential issues could be a low refrigerant charge, problems with the compressor valve, or undersized ductwork.
    3. Your home has uneven temperatures in different rooms. There could be a blockage in your home’s ductwork if different rooms are heating unevenly. Undersized equipment could also be the cause. Have your HVAC system and ductwork inspected by a professional HVAC technician. Sometimes the problem is as simple as moving your furniture around so your couch isn’t blocking the vent.
    4. Your HVAC system needs more frequent repairs. Sometimes your HVAC system doesn’t need a repair but a replacement. If the cost of your maintenance and repairs are adding up every year, a replacement could help save you time, money, and frustration.
    5. Your heating system is loud. Sometimes older heaters can be noisy, but they should never be too loud. If your system is noisier than it used to be, there could be something wrong with the blower wheel or motor. Listen for any scraping, metallic sounds. Contact a Tampa AC repair and heating repair technician immediately if you hear these noises. Serious damage could be caused to the blower housing if the blower wheel falls out of balance or disconnects from the shaft.

Looking for Tampa AC repair services?

Experts recommend having your home’s HVAC system inspected at least twice a year to keep it in good condition. The Tampa AC repair services of Sun Air Services can help.

Whether you need your air conditioning and heating system serviced or your heater needs repair, we have the experience you need to get the job done. To learn more about our Tampa air conditioning services and heating repairs, contact Sun Air Services today.