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When it comes to HVAC installation, there are a variety of configuration options that may make sense for your home. One of those options is zoning. Designed to break your home into separate areas for HVAC, zoning is a valuable way to make your home more efficient and to save money on your energy costs.
When you use zoning, it’s almost like having separate HVAC units in every area of your home, allowing for you to:
Control individual rooms or zones, rather than the whole home – thus making your system more efficient and cost-friendly!
Keep your home comfortable if you find that certain rooms change temperature during different times of day.
Make climate control simple, as you’ll have thermostats in different rooms or levels of your home to correspond to the different zones.
Not sure if zoned HVAC makes sense for you? We recommend it for homeowners who:
Want control over individual rooms or areas of their homes
Have large windows that can easily affect temperature
Spend more of their time on one level of their house rather than both
Don’t want to pay to heat or cool rooms that are seldom used
Need extra cooling in home offices, gyms, kitchens, or other rooms Still have questions about zoning? Need help with your HVAC in Tampa, FL? Call us today and we’d be happy to tell you more about how zoning your home can help with energy efficiency and cost savings on your energy bills.
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