Although any time is the right time for a new AC unit if yours dies in the middle of a Florida summer, some seasons are more favorable than others to get a new system. You may want to shop for your new air conditioner in the winter and be prepared to purchase it in the spring. Buying your new system in an off-season is easier to find what you’re looking for and easier to hire the company you want.  You are avoiding the last-minute summer rush! In the spring the weather is usually not hot enough to be uncomfortable inside. You may even consider many of the days, “open-window weather days.”
If your area tends to warm up in the spring, shop even earlier—say, at the end of winter—when you’re ready to buy and have a new system installed. In fact, you can even buy your new system in the winter and have it installed later. There’s no hard-and-fast rule that dictates buying and installing an HVAC system at the same time. That frees you up to buy your unit when you can find the price that best fits your budget needs.
Contact Sun Air Services when you have questions and want to request an appointment or need an AC repair in Tampa, FL. We aim to offer you the best deals on your AC and its installation.
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