What Do I Need To Do To Keep My AC in Top Condition?


Many of the AC repair requests that are made to your local AC company that can be avoided altogether with a little maintenance. Taking care of your air conditioner can mean reducing the number of AC repair services that you need and extending the life of your unit.

Learning what can put undue wear and tear on your unit and understanding what role you play in keeping your AC in top condition can keep the air conditioning repair services at bay. With a little effort, you can have the reliable AC system you need.

What Are Common AC Repair Problems?

There are many common AC repairs, some of which are triggered by not maintaining your system as you should. For example, not changing the filter can result in overworking your unit and causing breakdowns.

Another common AC repair problem that can necessitate a call to your local Tampa ac repair company is a capacitator problem. While this issue is not maintenance-related, it is one of the most common breakdown issues in the summer. You can avoid this issue by not setting your thermostat more than 20 degrees below the outside temperature. Your unit will kick on less and the capacitator will have to work less.

Thermostat problems. Every few months you should use compressed air to blow away dust and debris from around your thermostat. If your thermostat has a door, open it and clear debris from inside. The dust can affect the connections inside and behind the thermostat; if it doesn’t work, neither will your system.

Get a Check-Up

One of the best ways to keep air conditioning repair costs down is to have your system tuned up once every season. While the technician is handling the maintenance of your AC, they will also check for any faulty parts and problems.

Having AC repair done on your terms is a lot easier than having them done in the middle of the summer in as an emergency repair. It can also help you to save on costs. Of course, it will also help to catch issues before they become problems and can affect other parts of the system.

Work With Your Local AC Repair Company

Forming a relationship with a local AC repair expert before you need AC repairs is a great way to take care of your unit and learn all about the things you can do to extend the life of your air conditioner. Over 100 million houses in the US are outfitted with air conditioning, sadly many of them will get stuck with big AC repair bills this summer because they never got the maintenance they needed for their AC. Don’t make the same mistake–connect today with a trusted ac service professional.