Summer in Florida is hot and humid, so you need an air conditioner just to exist comfortably in your own home. Unfortunately, this means that many people deal with skyrocketing electric bills in the summer. Here are a few ways that you can save energy and stay cool this summer: Don’t Touch That Dial
It is generally recommended that you leave your air conditioner at 78 degrees in the summer. You can save even more money by setting it even higher when no one is home. When you get back, you may be tempted to set the thermostat lower than 78 to cool the house faster, but this won’t actually work and will only waste energy.
Close Your Curtains
Natural light can heat up a room significantly, so keeping your curtains closed during the day can help keep the air cooler and prevent your air conditioner from working overtime. While natural light can help reduce your electricity bills because you can avoid using your lights, you should keep curtains closed in rooms you’re not occupying.
Use a Fan
Ceiling fans can be used to lower the temperature in a room by as many as six degrees, allowing you to set your air conditioner a bit higher to save energy. Fans also help distribute cold air throughout your home, meaning your AC doesn’t have to work as hard. Call us today at (813) 295-2214.
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These are just three tips for using your air conditioner more efficiently. Stay tuned for our next post, where we will show you three more ways you can save money by changing the way you use your AC. In the meantime, rely on Sun Air Tamp