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We all would love to save money on our electric bill. Luckily, there are a few small things you can do to maximize your home’s efficiency. Why not start in the bedroom? Adjust Your Thermostat
The easiest way to save money on energy is to keep your thermostat lower in the winter and higher in the summer. If you have zone cooling and heating, only keep your bedroom air-conditioned or heated when you are in it. This is a small adjustment that can make a huge difference when you get your next electric bill.
Check Windows
Check the weather-stripping or caulk around your windows for damage – this could be contributing to your home’s daily energy waste. Double-pane windows are a great investment for your home because they add a natural layer of insulation.
Duct Cleaning
If your air ducts and vents are dirty, it makes your HVAC system work much harder, resulting in a higher electricity bill. Make sure you regularly change your filters and clean your ducts and vents. Ceiling Fans
Did you know that a ceiling fan is capable of reducing the temperature of a room by up to six degrees? It doesn’t seem like much but makes a huge difference. Setting your thermostat to a higher temperature and using the ceiling fan in your bedroom can result in a lot of energy savings.
Unplug Chargers
Another small way to reduce your electricity bill is to unplug chargers in your room when you are not using them.
Getting regular maintenance on your HVAC system can keep it running at maximum efficiency. Contact our experienced technicians at Sun Air for Boyette air conditioning repair. Reach out for a free estimate at (813) 295-2214.
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