Tips and Tricks For Reducing HVAC Costs

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As your local AC company we wanted to share some tips with you to help you keep your HVAC costs down. Air conditioning and heating are two of the biggest energy expenses, if you follow a few tips from your AC company you may be able to find substantial savings.

One of the best ways to reduce energy costs is to ensure you get the air conditioning maintenance done that you need. Around 87% of homes in the US are outfitted with air conditioning, however, a large majority are not getting the maintenance that is needed to ensure proper operation. Air conditioning maintenance can help to keep the AC repair down to a minimum and keep energy costs in check.

Seal Up Cracks

Before you can really fine-tune your HVAC into a high energy-efficient piece of machinery you have to get your house under wraps. Check around windows and doors for gaps, and seal them up. Windows and doors can transfer a lot of your cooling from the inside to the outside.

There are kits that you can buy at any big-box discount store that has the materials you need to make your living space more energy efficient. Making sure that your home is insulated well, and taking care of any gaps around windows and doors can help to reduce energy costs.

What Can You Do For Your HVAC System?

Dust and debris are two big enemies of any HVAC system. Dusty filters make your system work harder to push that airflow through the filters. Debris that builds up around your outside unit can cause airflow issues as well.

Change filters frequently. Experts recommend once a month. Replacing filters regularly ensures air can flow unencumbered through your system. It can help to reduce the amount of energy it takes for your HVAC system to heat and cool your home.

Keep the area around the outdoor unit clear of grass clippings, leaves, and other debris. With a little bit of effort, you can help your system to maintain worry-free operation.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Upping your thermostat when the air conditioning is running and lowering it when the heat is running can help you to save money on your energy bill. A few degrees can make a big difference.

Of course, you also want to partner with an AC company that can make ac repairs quickly when something does go wrong. A reliable Tampa air conditioning company and your commitment to doing all that you can to save energy can help you have the comfortable home you want without the cost.