Take the Headache Out of Hot and Loud Air Conditioners and Call for Repairs

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In the U.S. nearly 103 million homes depend on their air conditioning. What happens when your unit no longer functions correctly? You and your family suffer. If you have family members turning to one another asking, “What is that loud sound? Where is it coming from?” only to discover your air conditioner is the culprit, it’s time to call an AC company to have it inspected.

How Come Air Conditioners Get So Loud?

When AC noises change or get louder there could be something wrong with your air conditioner. Abnormal noises need to be reported to an ac repair technician as soon as you notice them. Air conditioning repair services can prevent costly damage and breakdowns. Call AC repair specialists to diagnose problems and fix them accurately.

Seek Air Conditioning Repair Services for Noisy Air Conditioners

An AC system can collect dirt, dust, and debris in between maintenance calls. Filth does more than just make your unit look dirty. The grime can obstruct airflow making it more turbulent so it operates much louder. Debris also tends to increase the workload of a system by interfering with the heat transfer process. Just envision all of that muck collecting on components that are supposed to move effectively that can no longer function in a safe capacity.

Air conditioning repair services are necessary in order to keep your system running clean. Otherwise, dirt throws everything off balance. Normal wear and tear on belts and bearings increase when dirty causing the racket that you hear while the system works harder to keep your home cool. Lubricants are dried up which intensifies wear and friction on integral components such as fans, blower motors, and pulleys. Luckily, air conditioning services from an ac repair technician can fix the problem, lower your energy costs and keep your home cool.

Different or New Noises Can Mean Big AC Problems

So, you’ve noticed that your ac is making noises, but it’s always made some noise. What if those noises sound new or different? Are they much louder? These types of changes could be an indication that there are major AC problems in your future. New noises may be pointing out a failing compressor, mechanical damage or faulty blower motor bearings. A few noteworthy sounds that signal you need to call for air conditioning repair services include buzzing or humming, screeching or screaming, tapping or clicking and clanking or rattling.

Is Your Air Conditioning System Blowing Hot Air?

You’ve just walked into your home expecting a nice cool blast of air. It’s hot outside and your refuge feels just as sweltering. Oh no, your air conditioner is on but it’s blowing hot air instead of that welcoming cool air you expected. This situation is incredibly frustrating, annoying and uncomfortable. You need air conditioning repair services to determine what the problem could be.

Understand Why Your AC System Is Not Blowing Cool Air

You’ve checked and checked again, no matter how cool you’ve set the temperature the AC is not blowing cool air. Why is this happening? The answers are a phone call away when you schedule service with an AC company prepared to come to check your system. They will tell you why you’re AC is blowing hot air and what can be done to fix it.

Perhaps someone set the thermostat wrong and put it on ‘heat’ instead of ‘cool’. Another problem could be because your AC is frozen. That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? How can the system be frozen and not produce cool air? When a unit freezes cool air is actually blocked so it does not enter your home. Instead, you get all of the nice hot air the motor produces. Other problems include leaking or disconnected ducts or a circuit breaker switch that turned the outside unit off. Trust AC specialists to inspect your unit and offer cost-effective services for repairs that will have you cool in no time.