In our last post, we talked about preparing your air conditioner for a hurricane or tropical storm by pre-cooling your home before the storm, unplugging your unit, and covering it up with plywood and a tarp to prevent damage from flying debris. In this post, our AC company in Tampa will outline four more essential AC tips for hurricane season. Secure or Elevate the Unit
Hurricane winds are no joke, and they can easily pick up your air conditioning unit and fling it into your neighbor’s yard. Secure your air conditioning unit with hurricane straps or condenser straps to avoid losing your unit altogether during the storm. Your unit is likely on top of a concrete slab, as this is the norm in Florida. It may be possible, however, to elevate it even further to prevent flood damage.
Watch for Rising Tides and Standing Water
Flooding is extremely common during a hurricane, so be aware of standing water and rising tides. If you don’t have an elevated unit, there is a chance that flooding can damage your AC.  If you have experienced flooding around your AC, you will probably have to call a technician after the storm has passed to repair it.
Do Not Turn It Back On
Even if you don’t think your air conditioner has been damaged, you should not turn it back on until it has been looked over by a qualified technician. Turning it on can cause further damage. If the high winds caused any disconnections in your AC, this could lead to toxic refrigerant leaks in your home. Get Professional Repair Services
When a hurricane or tropical storm damages your AC, you can rely on Sun Air Tampa to get it back in working condition again. Call us today at (813) 295-2214 to schedule repair services.
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