In part I of this blog we talked about how keeping your home clean and how regular duct cleaning in Tampa can help to reduce allergens in your home. Here are a few more tips for improving your home’s air quality: 1. Control Cockroaches: Did you know that cockroaches are often an allergy trigger? Their saliva, feces, and body parts that they shed act like dust mites and can trigger asthma and allergies.
2. Keep Pollen Outside: Use your air conditioning unit in warm weather to control dust mites and reduce humidity in your home. Also be sure to change your air filter regularly as recommended by your air conditioning unit’s manufacturer. 3. Avoid Mold Spores: Reducing moisture in your home will lessen the occurrence of mold spores. Run your air conditioning unit, fix all leaks and other causes of damp areas, immediately clean any mold you see, and run a dehumidifier if you find that humidity is a big issue in your home.
By reducing asthma and allergy triggers in your home, you and your loved ones can enjoy better air quality and better health! There are a few easy steps you can follow on your own to eliminate allergens, and the experienced team at Sun Air Services can provide you with duct cleaning in Tampa to further improve your home air quality. Visit to learn more about this service.
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