In part I of this blog we talked about how making sure your air filters are clean and setting your fan to the “auto” setting can help prolong the life of your air conditioning unit. In this part, our Boyette air conditioning repair company will give you a few more tips:
Schedule regular tune-ups: We recommend AC tune-ups twice a year to ensure your unit is in optimal condition and to prolong its lifespan. Just like you wouldn’t drive your car for an entire year without having it checked out, you also shouldn’t run your air conditioning unit without getting regular checkups and maintenance for it!
Upgrade your insulation: A home that efficiently traps cold air inside will not need to be cooled as much as one that is leaking cold air, and as a result your air conditioning unit will not have to work as hard. Ensure that your home is sufficiently insulated, especially in your attic. A professional energy audit is the best way to accurately evaluate your home’s insulation weak spots. Check on your condenser: Located outside your home is your air conditioning unit’s condenser. This component of your AC system is designed to withstand the elements, but it should still be routinely checked, especially after a severe storm. Also clear away any debris or overgrown vegetation from around the condenser so that it can breathe.
We hope that you find these tips for extending the life of your air conditioning unit helpful, and be sure to call our Boyette air conditioning repair company for tune-ups, repairs, and replacements.
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