Whether you work from home, have kids in school who are bringing homework home, or are a college student living in a dorm or off-campus housing, knowing about the impact of room temperature on your concentration and productivity is important. This may be a work or study environment factor that we often forget to consider, so let’s look at why it matters: Maintaining an optimal temperature is critical to creating an environment where it is easy to concentrate. If a room is too hot or too cold, we will be distracted by our discomfort, and unable to focus on the task at hand. The majority of research that has been conducted on this subject suggests that a temperature of 70 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit is the “ideal room temperature.” If you find that your AC unit is struggling to maintain what you have determined to be your ideal temperature, our air conditioning service in Tampa can help with a tune-up, repair, or replacement. A study conducted by Cornell University found that with office workers, less typing errors were made when the temperature was warmer. The study found that as the temperature increased up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, fewer mistakes were made. If you find that you or your children are having difficulty concentrating on studying or work while at home, try adjusting the temperature! For assistance with making sure your unit is running optimally to do this, contact our air conditioning service in Tampa for tune-ups, repairs, or a replacement.This entry was posted in Uncategorized on July 25, 2019 by 20637969.

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