Those of us who live in regions that regularly experience hurricanes are no strangers to extreme weather, but sometimes events happen that even we aren’t sure how to handle. For example, if we ride out a hurricane at home and don’t seem to have any damage, how do we know if our AC unit survived without harm? Our Boyette air conditioning repair company will assist you if your unit has broken during a storm, but first keep an eye out for these signs of damage: 1. Your Home Isn’t Getting Cool: If your home feels warmer than usual and just isn’t getting cooler, this could indicate damage to your unit’s compressor.
2. The Unit is Making Odd Noises: You’re accustomed to the noise that your AC unit normally makes, so if there is a change, this is a likely sign that something has been damaged. Debris could have made its way into your compressor, or there could be damage to internal components.
3. Flooding: If you discover after the storm that the unit has been subjected to floodwaters, the electrical components could be damaged. This could also lead to mold or bacteria that could eventually circulate through your home.
4. Evidence of a Power Surge: If there was a lightning strike near your home or you lost any electronic products during the storm, a power surge could have affected your AC unit. Another sign of this could be a breaker that was tripped during the storm, or a breaker that continues to flip off even after you reset it.
If you notice any of these signs of damage to your AC unit after a storm, do not try to run your system, and call our Boyette air conditioning repair experts. Visit for more information about our AC repair services.
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