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Having pets can be another way to make your house feel like home but there are some considerations you need to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your air quality at its best!
Furry friends are wonderful for companionship but they can also contribute to dander, dust, and dirt that can negatively affect your air quality. Not to mention, when you have pets, it’s also important to make sure your indoor air is safe for them too! Make sure that you:

Check and change any air filters regularly. When your air filters are clogged with dirt or pet fur, it can reduce airflow and compromise your overall indoor air quality. In some cases, you may even see your HVAC system shut off due to poor airflow. Make sure to check your air filter monthly and to clean itreplace it regularly.
Monitor your pet around your HVAC. Some systems are more sensitive than others and pets, just like other members of your family, need to be kept an eye on when it comes to your home’s heating and cooling ability. Pets often will lay on vents, so check them to make sure they haven’t been accidentally closed. Also make sure that you’re checking around your HVAC units to make sure that your pet isn’t able to get into something that he or she shouldn’t! Keep things comfortable for your pets. If you’re adjusting your thermostat during the day while you’re away to conserve energy, make sure you’re not swinging the temperature too much. While pets are good at adapting, keep your furry friends feeling comfortable when you’re not home.
Emphasize clean. This includes more frequent dusting and vacuuming to get up pet dander as well as practicing good grooming. Pets that are bathed, brushed, and groomed regularly can help with keeping shedding under control.
And finally, make sure to clean your ducts regularly to maintain good air quality for you and your pets. Most homes need duct cleaning every few years, but you may need it more frequently, especially if you have multiple pets.  You can trust our HVAC technicians when you need duct cleaning in Tampa. Call us today at 813-295-2214 to get a free estimate!
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