The summer of 2019 may have just begun, but it is already an extremely hot one here in Florida. Times like these we are grateful for the modern technology that is air conditioning, but we may want to try to minimize our energy usage or find other ways to keep cool when we don’t have the shelter of the indoors. Here are some tips from our Brandon, FL air conditioning repair company for keeping cool without blasting your air conditioner: Chill Out: Give yourself a flash cool-down by running cold water or ice cubes over your wrists for a few seconds to cool your pulse points, or place a cold cloth on the back of your neck. Frozen water bottles (wrapped in a towel to avoid freeze burn) can also be placed under ankles or behind knees, and placing a frozen water bottle at your feet when you go to sleep can help you stay cool overnight.
Cool Your Core: Your body’s temperature rises while digesting large meals, so eat smaller meals throughout the day to keep your core temperature from having to increase as much.
Unplug It: Anything that is plugged into an electrical outlet will use some amount of electricity and will produce some heat, even if it’s not turned on. Unplug anything that isn’t being used for the double benefit of reducing heat being produced in your home and costly energy being used.
Beating the heat can be tricky, but tiny little tricks can add up over time. Make sure you’re staying cool and hydrated during this hot summer, and call the Brandon, FL air conditioning repair team at Sun Air Services if you find that your unit isn’t cooling your home properly.
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