Brandon Air Conditioning Company Now Offering Solar-Powered Technology.

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Homeowners in the Tampa and Brandon areas are discovering the money-saving benefits of using solar power to cool and heat their homes. Lennox’s groundbreaking SunSource® Home Energy System is now available from Sun Air Services.

Sun Air Services owner Charlie Henry says SunSource is different from a typical home comfort system in that it harnesses the abundant, clean and completely free energy of the sun to run a high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump from the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection. “These units come solar-ready, which means they can be easily integrated with solar modules in a solar energy system, if and when you want one,”  Charlie said.

As Charlie explained, “you can start small, with one or two solar modules, and add more – up to 15 total, per outdoor unit – when your budget permits.”

How SunSource Works to Reduce Utility Costs

Solar energy is first used to meet your home’s heating and cooling demands. When the heat pump or air conditioner isn’t running, the SunSource Home Energy System powers

lighting, appliances, and electronics. Any surplus power goes back to your utility company for possible credit.

Charlie said the entire SunSource system was designed with exclusive technologies that make it affordable and effective:

  • Solar modules – Unlike typical solar-panel systems, which have one large inverter for the complete array, each SunSource module has its own scaled-down microinverter that converts solar energy into usable electrical power.  This allows a higher capture of solar energy, compared to traditional single-inverter systems.
  • Communication module – Sends performance information for each solar module to a website, where homeowners can view system status.
  • Performance-monitoring website – Gives you 24/7 access to real-time data showing system status, energy production, and environmental benefits, including carbon offsets. The monitoring service is provided free.

“The SunSource Home Energy System really pushes beyond the traditional parameters of home comfort, helping our customers save money and protect the environment, Charlie said.

To learn more about the SunSource Home Energy System, call our Brandon air conditioning company or visit our website at The Sun Air staff can also be contacted by phone at (813) 684-9919.