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Air conditioning installation & replacement


Whether you need a new AC unit for a new construction home or business or a replacement for an old or broken unit, Sun Air Services in Tampa, Florida’s leader in AC installation and replacement.

New AC Installation in Tampa, FL

Purchasing a new air conditioning system is an important investment that should be handled by professionals. Let the experienced technicians at Sun Air Services install your new equipment and rest assured that it will be done properly and safely. Our technicians are trained to install all major brands and types of air conditioners.

We offer FREE second opinions, so call us before you have any AC work done to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Air Conditioner Replacement In The Tampa Bay Area

Your air conditioner works long and hard to do its job on a daily basis. Over the years this causes irreparable wear and tear.  Routine maintenance and repairs can help to slow down this damage, but eventually, all systems reach the end of their life and will need to be replaced.

Tampa air conditioning installation & replacement

Let Sun Air Services Upgrade Your AC Unit

Replacing your air conditioner might sound unnecessary if the unit is still functioning, but upgrading to a newer energy-efficient AC system can actually save you a lot of money and hassle in the future. If you have an older system, you may be spending more money than you should on electricity bills and unit repairs. In addition, you might find that you aren’t as comfortable in your home as you used to be, or that your unit runs longer or more frequently than it did before. Sun Air Services can make these issues disappear with a brand new, modern AC unit.

Many upgraded and improved units are capable of earning back their installation costs by improving performance and cutting down the amount of energy it takes to cool your home or business. Our expert staff can evaluate your home or business and determine if an AC replacement could help you lower cooling costs and prevent costly repairs. Call us today and speak to one of our friendly staff members about upgrading your AC system!

What To Consider When Replacing Your AC System

The two biggest factors we hear about from customers when choosing an AC unit are quality and price. Both factors are important to us at Sun Air Services, which is why we only work with the highest-quality brands and maintain competitive pricing.

While our team wants to help you keep your HVAC costs to a minimum, we also want to make sure that you are getting the best system to suit your home or business needs. Many homeowners want to find the lowest air conditioner replacement cost possible, but this might end up causing more problems and costing more money in the future. We are happy to guide you through the different options for your AC replacement and help determine the best choice for your needs and budget.

We also recommend purchasing our Annual AC Maintenance Plan to keep your unit clean and functioning properly.