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In The Air – May 2012

Sun Air Services Presents 'In The Air' for April 2012
May 2012

In This Issue:

  • Spring is in the Air
  • Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Spring is in the Air

Finally, Spring is in the air! Daytime temperatures are peaking in the high 80’s to low 90’s. The much-dreaded Florida humidity level is on the climb. Utility bills are on the rise and May flowers are already in bloom.

As an aside, did you know, the month of May is named after the Greek/Roman goddess of Spring, Maia? She held a strong disdain for marriage, therefore some believed it is bad luck to wed in May.

I can’t speak to that superstition, however, it is likely that you will be unlucky without having your central air conditioning system serviced and cleaned in the early Spring. Condensate drain lines are a particular challenge. Over the Winter, with the lack of use, the debris in your evaporator coil and algae in the drain lines, harden and crystallize. As the weather warms and the evaporation process increases, the debris peels and flakes off the moist surfaces, causing drain line stoppage. Water leaks, as a category of services call, is #1 this time of year. Evaporator coil cleaning and drain line cleaning together, go a long way to prevent a discomfort and worse, damage to your home.

On May 1st, 2012 we introduced a new policy to encourage our customers to make the needed repairs to their HVAC systems. We are waiving our service call (diagnostic fee) of $87.00 when repair is completed. Again, this is an opportunity for you to help ensure your system’s operation over the upcoming high demand months.

Next month we’ll visit filtration versus ultra-violet rays for enhancing indoor air quality in your home or business.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Randy Kizer, President
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Now is the time to get your HVAC system repaired for the summer season and we want to help you do that. When your needed repair with part replacement is completed during your service call visit, we’ll waive our service call fee to not only help your budget, but keep you cool all summer long.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

With Florida’s summer heat, it is pretty uncomfortable at home without a good air conditioning system. The following tips should help you ensure you purchase an efficient air conditioner:

Tip one: Check the SEER ratings SEER stands for ‘Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating’ and helps you determine how efficient the unit is and thus how much money it will save you on electricity bills. So, look for SEER ratings of 13 or higher for central air conditioning units or SEER ratings of 11 or high for room air conditions.

Tip two: Buying the right size Sizing your air conditioner is important to enhance the efficiency of air conditioning. While larger units are more efficient, having a unit that is too large for the size of your home can actually decrease efficiency. Make sure you purchase the A/C unit of size that is just perfect for your room heat load requirements.

Tip three: Look for the Energy Star Label Make sure you look for the Energy Star label prior to purchasing for a guarantee for the efficiency of air conditioner.

Tip four: Thermal expansion device In most cases your air conditioning unit must have factory installed thermal expansion device, which enhances high temperature performance & facilitates the unit to deliver the rated efficiency even under adverse circumstances.

Tip five: Fan only switch This feature allows you to use the unit for night time ventilation which further reduces costs of air conditioning a significant amount, while still keeping the air flow moving for more comfort.

We hope you’ll join us next month for another issue containing tid-bits of interest and news about Sun Air Services and our industry.

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